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MLFTC instills the highest standards of teaching excellence in tomorrow’s educators by modeling those standards in our own faculty. You have several resources available for ensuring your own teaching excellence.

Academic integrity

Faculty members are required to enhance academic integrity in the classroom, in person and online. This includes not only enforcing policies and sanctions around academic integrity, but promoting a culture in which we educate students on what it means to act with integrity in their academic careers and lives. Additional information and faculty resources on academic integrity are available from the office of the university provost, including:

  • Setting student expectations

  • Assessments

  • Teaching strategies

  • Who to contact with academic integrity questions or concerns

Academic Integrity at ASU



The Office of Academic Systems assists faculty members in their development through focused mentoring and assistance through the promotion, tenure and annual review processes. Contact Ida Malian, associate dean for academic systems.


Peer observation

The scholarship of teaching is reinforced with peer observations to enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom as well as the aligning with new teaching tools and technology. Contact Ida Malian, associate dean for academic systems, for information on how to improve your teaching practice through peer observation.