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Teaching Doctoral Courses in Fall: Thematic Conversations

Teaching a doctoral seminar is different from teaching at any other level in higher education. Doctoral courses require a deep engagement with ideas, grounded in rigorous reading and writing, supported by a diverse community of learners.

As we look towards the fall semester, there is significant uncertainty around how exactly doctoral classes will play out. For instance, as the note from the provost indicated, students may not choose to come to campus, or may not be able to, due to ongoing travel restrictions, or a variety of other situations and contexts. This means that each of us teaching in fall needs to be prepared for a range of alternatives, face to face, online, blended, hybrid and hyflex.

We hosted a series of peer-to-peer learning conversations, focused particularly onĀ Teaching at the doctoral level. These conversations were led by MLFTC faculty, who shared their experience in designing and teaching doctoral level courses online or in blended formats. Session recordings are available below, and a summary of the series can be found in this blog post by Leigh Wolf, as well as a shared document of resources that were shared throughout the week.