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The Technology Initiatives and Design Initiatives Teams within the Office of Scholarship and Innovation support faculty with various areas related to teaching with technology.

Policies, procedures & forms

MLFTC, like all of ASU, is governed by the Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual and the relevant ASU Policies and Procedures manuals. In addition, all MLFTC faculty and staff members should familiarize themselves with the MLFTC Faculty Handbook.

MLFTC-specific forms and schedules for academic or business governance can be found at MLFTC Faculty and Staff Resources.


Digital learning

Digital learning teams from the Office of Digital Learning work in collaboration with colleagues, staff and faculty to design quality learning experiences for students.

Online programs and oCourses: A fully-online course developed for students who are taking their entire degree online.

Coordinated teams from Office of Digital Learning Current work with colleagues, faculty and staff affiliated with current online programs or online programs being designed or redesigned to guide program design, (re)design and develop courses in alignment with program goals and learning outcomes, revise courses to ensure quality of the learning experience, offer courses and coach the instructional team on teaching online courses. Instructors teaching oCourses are contacted by members of the coordinated teams in preparation for each course offering.

iCourses: A fully-online course developed for “immersion” students (students who physically attend classes on one of ASU’s physical campuses).

Instructors teaching iCourses will receive a survey asking about the ways they would like to work with the Office of Digital Learning, including assistance setting up the course shell, setting up groups and discussion forums, configuring course materials, and guidance on teaching a course online. Instructors asked by a division to (re)design the course materials for an iCourse can contact Shaun Beaty, director of digital learning.

Hybrid or Blended Courses: A hybrid class is taught using both face-to-face and Internet-delivered components, where the Internet-delivered components result in a reduction in regularly scheduled face-to-face meeting times. A blended course is a course in which students meet face-to-face, but the instructor uses some online technology to facilitate learning.

Programs offering hybrid or blended courses can contact Shaun Beaty, director of digital learning, to discuss opportunities to collaboratively design and develop digital course materials using instructional design principles.