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Research support

Proposal support

The college supports faculty and staff at every step of the research life cycle, from funding discovery to post-award accounting. When prepared to apply to a funding opportunity, start the application process by selecting the button below to complete a proposal request form. A staff member will be in contact shortly to coordinate proposal support.

Faculty and staff receive the following types of proposal support through the college: 

  • Grant planning for early career faculty members
  • Funding opportunity searches and recommendations
  • Gathering information on the history and context of funding opportunities
  • Interpreting ASU and sponsor policies and guidelines
  • Developing project budgets and budget justification narratives
  • Editing and framing grant proposal narratives
  • Assisting with specific sponsor forms and documents
  • Securing institutional approvals and authorized signatures
  • Assisting with Institutional Review Board procedures
  • Developing partnerships with other ASU units and external organizations
  • Feedback review and resubmission revision assistance
  • Post-award revisions

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Tools and resources at ASU

For more information on the types of proposal support services the college provides, email