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MLFTC’s reputation as a generator of important education research offers you valuable opportunities for advancing your own research agenda. The college established the Research Opportunity Development and Advancement (RODA) team to provide strategic guidance and administrative support for the research endeavors of our faculty and staff.

About RODA

RODA is available to assist faculty and staff every step of the research life cycle: funding searches; narrative editing; proposal preparation and submission; post-submission revisions; rebudgets; feedback review for declined proposals; research goals and timeline development; and more.

The team strives to provide services in a professional and efficient manner. The office will provide all of the information necessary to submit a proposal to a federal, state or local government agency, an educational institution, a school district, a nonprofit organization, an industry partner, a private entity/foundation, or any other sponsor.

Meet the team

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RODA's research advancement staff provide strategic guidance and administrative support for the research endeavors of faculty and staff. RODA assists with proposals to federal, state or local government agencies, K–12 and postsecondary institutions, foundations and nonprofit organizations, industry partners and private entities.

To start a new proposal, please submit a proposal request form.

Helpful tools:

The RODA research development staff team helps researchers locate funding opportunities, review solicitations, develop proposal narratives, and build upon prior work to develop plans for future funding. To learn more about the support available, contact RODA Executive Director Sarah Polasky.

RODA calls upon years of experience of writing successful proposals to support you in your search for funding.

Start with these grant proposal writing tips from ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise.

Read the National Institutes of Health Overview if you are considering preparing a proposal to NIH.

After you have finished drafting your research proposal, RODA continues to support your submission with editing services. All editing services adhere to APA Style, unless directed otherwise. For editing assistance, please contact  

  • Proofreading — Revise formatting for consistent layout (page and paragraph) and heading styles

  • Copy editing — Proofreading; spelling, grammar and punctuation correction

  • Compliance editing — Proofreading and copy editing; narrative/sponsor templates and narrative/sponsor requirement crosswalk

  • Substantive editing — Proofreading, copy editing, compliance editing; review for consistency and clarity; recommendations for common voice and brevity

Support for school-based research through our partner schools is coordinated through the Division Director of Teacher Preparation and the Office of Professional Experiences. Consultation regarding data collection and compliance is available from the Office of Data Strategy. Please contact for assistance.

ASU Library Research Support Services — The ASU Library offers guidance across the research lifecycle—everything from planning to data storage, in an effort to maximize the quality, productivity and accessibility of ASU research.

Research Academy — The ASU Research Academy offers a variety of research-related trainings to help faculty and staff be successful in their research endeavors. The Researcher Support Series is a particularly robust resource that offers services and guidance throughout the entire research lifecycle.

U.S. Department of Education Competitive Intelligence Summary — Created by ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise, this document gives an overview of U.S. Department of Education funding opportunities and funding trends as of April 2018.