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 Email & Data Security Training

Learn how to protect your computer by securing your data, including while you are traveling! We will cover:

  • Phishing Email
  • Data Security
  • Securing Your Data While Traveling



 Professional Profile

Learn the basics of managing and maintaining your ASU iSearch and website presence. Discover the elements of your profile you can control, hear tips for making your profile stand out and be accessible. Ensure your email signature matches University standards.
  • Want to know how to best articulate your professional experience (e.g., teaching, research) on the college website, or what to include in your email signature?
  • Did you know that you have control over almost all of the content displayed on your profile, yet there are standards to follow when updating profiles and email signatures? While it is your responsibility to maintain your content to keep it fresh and relevant, you can contact Rick Baker for help if you find incorrect information showing in places you are unable to manage.



Learn how to use Slack to communicate with your colleagues and others across MLFTC and ASU. Get tips and tricks to help you navigate this new communication tool with confidence! We will cover:
  • Slack basics
  • How to send messages
  • How to manage notifications
  • Slack etiquette
  • and more



Learn how to use Zoom to communicate with your colleagues and others across MLFTC, ASU and around the world. Get tips and tricks to help you:
  • How to access your ASU Zoom pro account
  • Managing your account profile and settings
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Inviting others to your Zoom meeting
  • Meeting controls

 Conference rooms

Learn about the different technology options in each conference room and how to use them like an expert. Get tips and tricks to help you use these rooms with confidence!
  • How to identify the best room for your needs
  • How to use the different technologies in the rooms
  • How to troubleshoot common issues and get your meeting back on track


Learn how to do a Trip Request on Concur! Get tips and tricks to help you fly through the request process with confidence. We will cover:
  • Why and how to complete a Trip Request
  • Time-saving tips
  • Common areas of concern