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Office of Compliance

What we do

The Certification and Compliance team handles and can assist with: 

  • Arizona teacher and administrator certification
  • Questions about out of state teacher/principal certification or licensure
  • Institutional Recommendations
  • Institutional Verification Forms
  • Student enrollment letters
  • Student program completion letters

How does MLFTC help graduates navigate the certification process to become teachers or administrators?

The Certification and Compliance team is here to support our graduates in meeting their professional teacher and administrator certification goals. We communicate the requirements for Arizona teacher and administrator certification. And we provide eligible students seeking Arizona teacher certification an Institutional Recommendation. We also help students address any coursework deficiencies that the Arizona Department of Education has identified. 

We help our out-of-state graduates navigate the certification process by sharing potential expectations, completing out-of-state verification forms and providing letters of program completion.   

Contact us with your teacher and administrator certification or licensure questions. 


Who we are

Audrey Enz, Certification and Compliance Specialist

Cindy Licata, Manager, Certification and Compliance

Mark McCain, Director, Data Strategy and Compliance

Compliance Resources