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Office of Data Strategy and Compliance

Our diverse team can help you with data requests, research support, and teacher certification and compliance questions. 

More information on the Data Strategy team

More information on the Compliance team


What we do

Some of the projects we complete regularly are:

Annual Reports

  • U.S. News & World Report data collections and rank analyses
  • Title II reporting
  • Program assessment reports
  • Summary of instruction reports for annual faculty reviews

Data and Research Support

  •  Custom query and report development using ASU enterprise data
  •  Analytics site and dashboard development
  • Next Education Workforce research support
  • Research projects and partnerships
  • Program improvement analysis
  • Grant reporting
  • Ensuring data integrity and coordination

Teacher Certification and Compliance

  • Institutional recommendations
  • State authorization compliance
  • Lifetime career documentation support


  • End of program survey
  • Custom survey creation and distribution

Program Assessment

  • New program plan development and coordination
  • Data collection and reporting to support faculty
  • Consultation and advisement on plan and report development

Course Evaluation

  • Data collection and reporting
  • Faculty advancement reports and supports
  • Course quality data collection

Who we are

Get to know the Office of Data Strategy. Meet the team:

Ashley Bennett, Data Analyst Senior

Audrey Enz, Certification and Compliance Specialist

Cindy Licata, Manager, Certification and Compliance

Claire Shaner, Research Analyst

Emile Eich, Research Analyst

Mark McCain, Director, Data Strategy and Compliance

Contact us

What is the best way to contact the Data Strategy team?

For a quick question, please email Mark McCain.

To coordinate a new data request or research project, please fill out the Data Coordination Form.

What is the best way to contact the Compliance team?

You can reach the Compliance team at