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Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications team at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College integrates marketing, marketing communications, strategic communications, media relations, creative services and events to support the college’s enrollment, communications and advancement goals.

What we do

Student recruitment

Empower the recruitment team in pursuit of enrollment goals for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs, as well as non degree academic programs.

Strategic communications

Promote institutional priorities, faculty research and thought leadership through owned channels (e.g., college website and social media) and earned channels (third-party media).


Support efforts to secure philanthropic support for the college and its priorities.

Internal affinity

Inform faculty and staff about core priorities and general life of the college.


Provide communications, events and other forms of support to units throughout the college; produce T-shirts, swag and other random acts of ad-hoc marketing.

Brand management

It’s true. We are the font police, guardians of the logo and enforcers of palette, voice and tone. We strive to wrap our college messaging in orderly beauty amid the chaotic cacophony of the madly spinning world.

How we do it 

  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing analysis
  • Paid media (advertising)
  • Earned media (op-eds, newspapers, etc.)
  • Owned media (MLFTC website, social media channels, Improving Education newsletter)
  • Project management
  • Event production
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia
  • Digital marketing (SEO, web analytics, etc)

Work with us 

Have a question or a project to kick off? Email or call 602-543-7064 to get started.

Who we are 

Get to know the Marketing and Communications staff. Meet our team.

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We offer several tools to help faculty and staff navigate their marketing and communication needs.

Faculty directory

Faculty members can update their directory profiles at any time. View this instructional video or simply follow these directions:

  1. Visit the ASU directory

  2. Click the red “Edit my profile” button at the top right of your screen

  3. Begin editing on your home page, and continue to edit the areas in the left navigation bar

Changes you make will be visible immediately on your ASU iSearch profile, but may take up to 24 hours to display on the MLFTC website. For additional assistance, contact Clarin Collins. If you need a photo taken or other assistance updating your profile, contact the marketing team through Gricelda Terrazas.

MLFTC college logos

View and download Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College logos.

In order to access logos, you will need to sign in to Dropbox using your ASUrite ID and password.

View logos

MLFTC templates

MLFTC provides these templates to help with presentations, communications and event promotion. However, some events may require additional collateral and support. Contact us for details.

Download MLFTC PowerPoint presentations

16x9 PowerPoint slides 16x9 Google slides  

Download MLFTC letterhead

 MLFTC letterhead 

Download MLFTC event flyer and agenda templates

Event flyer  Agenda template

MLFTC facts and figures

 MLFTC is internationally ranked for the quality of its teacher preparation programs, and renowned for the depth and breadth of its education research and the knowledge it creates. Download resources — including a tri-fold brochure, 8.5x11 flyer and Google slides — designed to help faculty members and staff communicate about the college, our community and its impact.

Download brochure  Download flyer   View slides

Brand guidelines

ASU’s brand platform is an enduring, strategic internal statement that defines and guides the positioning of the university in the marketplace. It is how ASU’s brand essence is communicated and informs brand behavior. It keeps ASU’s brand communications and creative manifestations consistent, unified and complementary.  The Brand Guide is maintained by the Enterprise Marketing Hub with the support of our robust ASU design and communicators community. To view additional information, visit


 Writing style guide 

The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Writing Style Guide offers practices the college follows for all outward-facing communication, including the MLFTC website and newsletter, emails and other correspondence, books and brochures, presentations and posters, and advertising.

With a few exceptions, it follows ASU’s universitywide style guide. That guide, also with a few exceptions, follows practices from the Associated Press Stylebook. The MLFTC guide is not intended as a resource for academic writing, which usually follows American Psychological Association style.

ASU Zoom backgrounds

Zoom backgrounds Dropbox


Photography and video

Faculty and staff headshots

View the ASU headshot office hours calendar. You can stop on the Tempe campus during any of those times without making an appointment. The photo will take 5–10 minutes. If you have any questions, contact

Downloading photos

Photos are available for download through MLFTC galleries and the ASU brand photo library. Contact for details.


Anyone taking photographs on behalf of the university, on university property or at university events must obtain a signed model release form from any individual who is recognizable in the photograph. Photo releases are archived and stored by MLFTC. Please return signed forms to

Video policy

Video equipment is available for checkout to any faculty or staff member within MLFTC. University-owned equipment may be used only for university purposes. No exceptions are made to this policy. Available equipment includes photographic and video cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment. 

Checking out video equipment
  • Gear is checked out and returned to S321, FAB Building, ASU’s West campus. 
  • The maximum checkout period is seven days. 
  • If you have reserved equipment and do not pick it up by the originally scheduled time, the equipment will become available for others. 
  • On-time return of borrowed equipment is crucial, as common-use equipment is often needed immediately upon return. 
  • All requests will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you call in your request, the more likely we will be able to accommodate your requested dates.
How to request video equipment
  • Contact Mike Hailey at least 48 hours in advance at 602-496-1741 during business hours. You can also email
  • Include the following information:
    1. Specific items (and quantities of each) that you need
    2. Date and time you would like to pick up and return items
    3. Purpose for use of the equipment 
    4. Location of planned event 
    5. Your name, ASURITE ID and contact phone number
Lost, stolen or damaged equipment

The individual who checks out the equipment is responsible for the equipment and all included items. According to ASU PCS 902: Personal use of University Equipment and ASU Policy Number 5-308: Student Code of Conduct, the “individual responsible” will be billed for any and all equipment, lost, stolen or damaged.


A lot goes into planning an event — especially if it’s your first time. The MLFTC marketing and event team is here to help and guide you. Before meeting with us, review these documents. They will help you ask the right questions and get the information we need to help ensure your event is successful.

MLFTC events playbook  MLFTC events intake form

Questions? Contact

Email signature

To maintain and share a professional and consistent email signature across the university, an easy-to-use signature generator has been developed by the ASU Print and Imaging Lab. It offers tips readers will appreciate, such as not adding graphics to your signature, as these appear to smartphone users as attachments that must be downloaded.

The Print and Imaging Lab’s generator will configure your information into ASU’s recommended standardized email signature format. 

Create or update your email signature