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Operations resources

Find operational resources and support from MLFTC’s faculty systems, business, human resources, communications and marketing teams.

 Supporting our students

If you’re concerned — in any way — about one of your students, let the Student Success Team know by sending an S.O.S. An S.O.S. (Supporting Our Students) is a simple online form you fill out that is sent directly to the Student Success Team. Once in their hands, the team will triage the situation and coordinate outreach, based on the student’s needs. Read more about what situations are cause for an S.O.S. and which ones deem a Notice of Concern.

Send an S.O.S.

Technical support

Deskside support

A deskside support teams on each campus is available to help you with any technology needs or issues you may encounter. All support requests are submitted through an ASU enterprise tool, ServiceNow. 

Deskside Support Request

Annual Information Security Awareness Training

All ASU faculty/staff/student workers are required to take information security awareness training within the first month of employment and annually thereafter (based on the fiscal year, July - June).  This online, self-paced class shows you how to protect ASU data and information systems from harm.

Learn more at

File storage solutions

ASU provides a few options to safely and securely store your files including OneDrive for Business and ASU Dropbox for Education.  Both of these solutions provides 1TB of storage space. Please review the Data Handling Matrix for approved storage solutions based on data type.

ASU Data Handling Matrix

Survey tools

ASU has adopted Qualtrics as the approved survey tool, and MLFTC provides licensing to all faculty, staff, and students.  To request an account, you may submit a ServiceNow request.

MLFTC Qualtrics Account Request

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