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The Office of Academic Systems for Scholarship and Support and MLFTC marketing and communications teams recognize faculty in a variety of ways, including national professional achievement award nominations, news articles, social media announcements and opportunities to formally present work to communities of scholars.

Faculty recognition

MLFTC offers recognition and advancement opportunities for faculty members through the Office of Academic Systems for Scholarship Support.

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Submit to faculty publication roundup

The Faculty Publication Roundup is a monthly survey of books, chapters, articles, and conference papers written by MLFTC faculty members and graduate students. It appears on the news page of the college’s website and is featured in our monthly email newsletter, “Improving Education.” See an example.

You are invited to submit any recent — within the past two months — publication for the roundup. Please note that, with the exception of books and chapters, your publication will appear in the roundup only after it is available online without charge. “In press” publications are accepted and will appear in the roundup if the text is available online.

Each month you will receive an email invitation to submit for the next edition. Alternatively, you may also submit your publication to the roundup at anytime.

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MLFTC faculty in the news

Remembering Michael Piburn, Professor Emeritus

Geologist, educator, award-winning researcher, world traveler; husband, father and grandfather.

MLFTC faculty members provide rapid research response to COVID

The education research community is quickly deploying knowledge to assist educators and administrators.

Leanna Archambault on online learning during the pandemic

The MLFTC associate professor was the guest on San Francisco station KCBS for “Ask an Expert.”

13 faculty members join MLFTC this fall

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College adds faculty with expertise in social justice, privilege, oppression, and race and colorism, among others.

Event engages Moroccan educators about Next Education Workforce models

The 136 attendees included faculty members from Moroccan universities, teacher trainers and others affiliated with teacher preparation.

Professors find racist lessons on popular education website

MLFTC’s Leanna Archambault’s and Lauren Harris’ research is published in Slate.